The Latest Apple Leak Reveals iPhone 15 Price Shock


iPhone 15 range leaks have revealed a variety of potentially exciting upgrades along with astonishing price hikes. There is a report that says Apple might cut prices.
In an article on a blog, trustworthy industry insider eyes1122 discloses the Apple’s internal study of low-performing iPhone 14 and iPhone 14 Plus sales found that their decline is “far from the range that was predicted” — even after allowing for the ongoing shortage of components due to the pandemic. As a result, Apple will be aggressively pricing its future models.

“The main issue is the cost,” the insider reports. This is logical. The iPhone 14 Plus costs $899. iPhone 14 Plus costs just $100 less than the iPhone 14 Pro, despite it having a smaller display, chip camera and an older design. Since most customers spread the cost of purchase over two years on a contract with a carrier, the reason to opt for Plus rather than Pro is nil.
Yeux1122 states that Apple has looked at a range of ways to address this issue including reducing the differences in iPhone 15 standard and Pro models, but came to the conclusion that the more aggressive pricing of regular versions is the best approach.

Bad news for people hoping that Apple’s upcoming price cuts for the standard iPhone 15 models could see the return of the Mini size. Since the eyes1122 revelation of the Apple’s “aggressive” pricing plan there has been a lot of discussion about how Apple will be able to achieve this.

The reduction in prices on the iPhone 15 Plus price has an impact that is a shockwave to iPhones like the iPhone 15, iPhone 14 (which will likely remain available) and iPhone SE, the entry-level iPhone SE. Therefore, the notion that Apple could remove the Plus and release the iPhone 15 Mini under the iPhone 15 makes a lot of sense. This will enable Apple to provide a more affordable entry point to the lineup as well as widen the price difference to iPhone 15 Pro models and keep other prices the same.

Yet, AppleLeaksPro has shot down this method, stating , “As it is my understanding there’s no plans to announce the iPhone 15 mini next year for those who were thinking.”

If it’s true, this is an awful thing. Many people don’t like big phones and the things Apple accomplished with its Mini design was truly impressive. Its disappointingly low sales caused the cancellation of the Mini however, market reports suggest iPhone 14 Plus sales are much less.

It could open the way for Apple to offer three iPhone sizes, as those who bought the Mini enjoyed the Mini. It’s hard to argue the same with regard to an iPhone 14 Plus, where there are Apple and Android alternatives. But, I believe it’s much simpler to design a smartphone that fits the 6.7-inch size as opposed to one with a 5.7-inch one.

Quotes from TSMC chairman Mark Liu may have just revealed key performance details regarding Apple’s A17 chipset, the next generation that will be used in an iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max/Ultra. TSMC is Apple’s main chip supplier and Liu talked about the timeline of its products which confirmed that production of 3 nanometer chips is underway at the Tainan campus located in the southern part of Taiwan.

Liu stated that the demand for 3nm chips is “very robust,” and “Mass production of 3-nanometer chips is product of decades of cooperation in the supply chain local to.” However, the big surprise occurred when Liu discussed the benefits of 3nm chips. Liu said their tests show they outperform 5nm chips and require 35 percent less energy.

Although Samsung Foundry has already shipped the first 3nm chip in the world to mine cryptocurrency and mining, the TSMC chips will be the first to be used on consumer devices. Apple has access to the largest portion of the products TSMC produces. So the M2 chips that are part of the forthcoming MacBook Pro range refresh are expected to launch this revolutionary technology in the first quarter of the year.

The timeline also leaves plenty of time to transition to mobile devices for Apple iPhone 15 Pro and Ultra which will launch in the third quarter of this year. It’s not surprising since 3nm was close to making it to the iPhone 14 launch before being delayed, but little was made of its performance or efficiency gains until Liu’s remarks.

Of course the method by which Apple uses these efficiency gains is yet to be determined. It may decide to offer significant improvements in battery life as well as a modest performance boost, or vice versa, but I believe a middle-ground is the best alternative. In any case, Apple now has a degree of flexibility it’s not experienced since the time that the A14 was the very first 5-nm iPhone chip in the year 2020.
If the A17 3nm filter is brought down to standard iPhone models by 2024, these gains in efficiency could also grant Apple the option of introducing one of its iPhone Mini version. The move was already rejected for 2023, however, the size is more distinctive than that of the iPhone 14 Plus, and one that is not likely to be able to compete with the major Android smartphone manufacturers based on current market trends. However that when Apple launches a new device and it does not look back.

The best option is to reduce an iPhone 15 Plus by $100 to $799, causing to the iPhone 15 to drop to $699. This would push to the iPhone 14 (which would remain available) up to $599. With this cost, Apple risks cannibalizing the sales of the $429 iPhone SE, which explains reports from last week that Apple was considering dropping in 2023 the iPhone SE altogether.

It is interesting to note that a new iPhone phone, that is the iPhone 15 Ultra, is expected to be significantly costlier than iPhone 14 Pro Max However, yeux1122 supports this claim, stating that Apple will also create a distinct look between the iPhone 15 Ultra as well as iPhone 15 Pro. iPhone 15 Pro. Yeux1122 also cites camera and material variations, which align on reports that the Ultra featuring the chassis made of titanium and dual cameras on the front.

In the end, any talk of price reductions will be an unexpected surprise since it goes against numerous leaks that claim Apple will raise the price of its iPhone 15 prices. However, the company has a long history of leaks that go against the norm.

In March, an insider denied assertions of iPhone 14 would have slimmer bezels than the iPhone 14 would have slimmer bezels as compared to iPhone 13’s bezels. iPhone 13 — one week later, leaked schematics showed this. In August, the website yeux1122 stated that iPhone 14 prices would not rise despite numerous reports that the iPhone 14 would cost more, and Apple eventually froze prices in its largest markets. On September 11, the leaked posted iPhone 14 Plus cases with ‘iPhone14Max reports of a branding change up to this point were not true.

Although an iPhone 15 Ultra may well be perhaps the highest priced iPhone ever, information from Eyes1122 suggests that those who purchase regular iPhone 15 models will have more cash to their bank accounts that they expected.


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