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Esoteric Art and Divination


Featuring the Artwork of Ari Bach,
Ash Abdullah, and Jeremy Lampkin


Esoteric Artist Jade Ashcroft

Das linke Auge
   Jade Melany Ashcroft


Oil paint (sometimes Acrylic)

Projects: Soulscapes Tarot
  Esoteric Art blog
  Enlightening Times Magazine
  Neter (Jade's band)
  Main Site

Tarot Artists/Readers

Are you a tarot artist?  We can put your cards online for all to see at FreeTarotReading.Us.  All decks available for free reading are also available for AidoWedo's Live Chat Readings.  You can do online readings for clients on your own schedule, using your own deck or a variety of others, old and new.  It is even possible to schedule multiple clients at the same time for online tarot classes. 

Or if you are not an artist but would like to perform chat readings using the site, you can still contact us.

Ari Bach

Ash Abdullah

Jeremy Lampkin

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Oil paint
Mechanical Pencil
Photoshop 4.0

Projects: Surrealist Tarot
  dA Gallery
  Valhalla (novel)
  Snail Factory (comics)


ink on paper

ink on flesh (tattoos)
Projects:   Diary of a Broken Soul
  Prophets of the Rose and Thorn (unfinished)
  dA Gallery
  Gothicky Ink


paint on canvas or board

Projects:   bifrost Tarot
  dA Gallery
  Web Design
  Black Hole Fusion (blog)
kiss the beast was here all along charlie
Guru Lou

AidoWedo.com presents the works of artists featured on Tarotsmith.

Tarotsmith Divination
Esoteric Tarot Reading
Das linke Auge

Stephan Langustl Lange



Acrylic paint

Projects: Langustl Tarot
  Langustl Lenormand
  Wood work